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  1. I hope Obisidian won't cave to pressure. I want Pillars of Eternity to be left out of this bull****. I don't want to be playing this agem for long hours with a feeling back in my head that this is another vicotry for those crazy people. Please Josh, as a fan of Icewind Dale 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout New Vegas, do what you said, leave disturbing things and make the game grim and interesting. Create what you want, don't do as people who think they are bigger than you scream at you over twitter. Go and create expansions and sequels and show the whole world that isometric RPGs are not dead. Don't give attention to those that are screaming for it.
  2. I feel simple mod would be fine for it. No need to create problems fro devs over such little thing. I prefer them to dedicate every precious second of thier work time into expansions or sequel than to this non-problem
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