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  1. It doesn't matter... People will still ask for features they want to see. I agree with staying away from MP right now, but maybe as the game matures a possibility in the future would be nice. I think it would be a bit naive with a project like this to use resources like that at this point in time. However as was posted... "Hi guys, One of the most exciting things about working on this game is that we can do so with you guys throughout the entire process. No need to "go dark" or severely limit the kinds of topics we discuss. The funding to create this game is coming from you. You are
  2. So did I, but you know what's even rarer? Having that experience in multiplayer. Good experiences are better shared, wouldn't you agree? I understand the problem from a budget and prioritization standpoint and agree that it's good they're focusing on the single-player experience, but if it were possible to share the same experience with friends, I couldn't call that a step down. Multiplayer RPGs have been virtually extinct since MMOs took off, so I certainly understand why this question has been coming up about every RPG for the last several years. I do hope multiplayer returns to the ge
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