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    Grammatically, does 'the' serve the same roll as HMS (etc) ?


    HMS means Her Majesty's Ship so that feels like a no to me.

    Oh I didn't mean does 'the'='HMS' or anything along those lines. More that does a ship name or something similar require an article and does HMS fill that role.


    I think I'd still want to put 'the' in front of 'HMS'. So i think I've just answered my own question...


    I don't think it's 'very little result'. I think it would really help bring characters to life. Sure, it might be a lot work, but it's something I'd quite like to see.



    It is very little result compared to other, far more impactful things that dev time can be spent on.

    There's no arguing with that (even though I tried to). I just think it would be really neat.

  3. OP, I can't agree with you enough about cartoony art design and skimpy models. They really just ruin games for me.


    For myself,

    I want an internally consistent world with rich, well-thought-out lore. I also want intelligent lore, founded in anthropological studies, history, etc. A fictional universe can be really out-there, but I want the inhabitants of the world, and how they negotiate the world (culture, technology, etc), to be informed by reality. 


    I want to be able to play characters with a wide range of backgrounds, motivations, and personalities. And when I can't, I want the character to directly important to the plot. This was perhaps my biggest let-downs of Fallout 4, where you're given a sandbox but also given a really pressing personal story that is fairly incompatible with that format. Examples of this being done well are Planescape: Torment, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and The Witcher trilogy. In these, the pre-made character is important to the plot (and to the world), and the character itself is what drives a lot of the narrative and thematic content.



    Regarding combat, I don't really mind the style so long as it's not Pokemon. I want combat to take place actually where it takes place. Other than that, I've really enjoyed RTwP, Turn-Based, 3rd Person Shooter, and Witcher-esque combat styles. They just need to be executed well.


    Two little gripes I have:

    Something that I find really annoying is when characters use language that is derived from things that don't exist in the game-world. This is similar to my first point; I want the inhabitants of the world to really live in it.


    Ridiculously OP items. By OP I mean compared to the other high-powered items in the game, ones that are so powerful it's hard to justify not using them from a game mechanics perspective. I really found the soul-bound items in Pillars of Eternity to be a bit too much. I liked some of the tasks you had to do to unlock their powers, but some of them in particular were way too strong.

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  4. What's RingMachine's problem? 

    People evidently like Pillars of Eternity. It is one of my favourite video games. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style. I found the ending perhaps lacking in choices regarding the final revelation, but I thought the game was thematically and stylistically consistent. 

    If you don't like a style of game, just don't play it. There's no reason to go around on the forums of the company that made the game whinging and talking ****, just because wish they'd made something else.


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  5. I haven't played Dungeon Siege III yet, but for roleplaying games in general I recommend taking a little bit of time to learn the basics of the game mechanics. Knowing which abilities to use when and against what will make a huge difference. Also, search all the things! 

    ummm, hope that was at least a little helpful. And welcome to the wonderful world(s) of gaming!

  6. It was debated before but let me point out that from role-playing perspective INT of 12 is INT of Gul or RES of 13 is RES of Shade. In this sense there is no role-playing perspective when it comes to Attributes. They serve only to game mechanics. 


    Min-maxing is pushing the limits, of game mechanics, which by itself can be "role-playing".

    huh... Does low int or res affect dialogue options much?

  7. Personally, I'd love a someone, whether it be Obsidian or not, to make a really good user-friendly toolset for people to make custom cRPG campaigns. Sword Coast Legends failed amazingly at this opting to make DM-mode an on-the-fly multiplayer thing rather that giving us a solid toolset to create our own in depth custom content.



    Feargus did pretty much say he could see Eternity IP in an open world Skyrim-type FP game.


    Ye Gods... please no.

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