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  1. We have a chanter and a bard, but no minstrels. There's also a mad alchemist and a... em... curious canine alchemist? That's sounds quite mad as well... Ahem. Whichever title you choose, you'll feel right at home Ohh, a chanter and a bard, hmm? And plenty of Alchemists! Perhaps I'll stick with minstrel and settle with "The Wandering Minstrel of the Obsidian Order"... if that is okay. (Mostly just proud to have donated a bit more!)
  2. Hi there! First post (finally), and upped my backing just for this occasion. Do we have a minstrel, yet? I had chosen Minstrel of the Obsidian Order... but if it fits, I'd much rather be the Experimental Alchemist of the Obsidian Order. I'm just so thrilled Eternity is nearing 3 mil.!
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