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    All things Rpg, tabletop, ancient pc games and such. X-com, Mst3k, Comics and all that rot.


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  1. Thinking up a title is harder than it first appeared. Let's go with 'Psi-Judge of the Obsidian Order' Because I have to be old school like that.
  2. @Ward I have to say, I love your picture, Very 'Baldur's Gate-y. I'd love to be unlazy enough to do a photo like that, but, you know, the lazyness... @Jsc A 'Lone Ranger'? Noooo, Rangers are so awesome I demand more than just the one.
  3. Al right, Ya got me. I might as well join in on this madness before it becomes passé. Seems we have a lot of varied ranks already. Might I suggest a Judge (of the Mega-City variety) It's something different. Of course, so would a Paladin of Streak, Streak being one of the lesser avatars of the great Marshmallow god. Patron saint of steaking, of course.
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