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  1. I was making a post about encountering the same issue, so I'll add it here. I played Forgotten Sanctum earlier today and when I came back for more, Steam updated the game. Now my saves from today aren't working anymore. The loading button has the text "Missing DLC" and identifies the supposedly missing DLCs as LAXH and LAXI. The saves from yesterday, also made while playing Forgotten Sanctum content but a lot earlier, are still available. I saw an earlier similar thread where the recommended solution was to create a folder named "LAX[number]_exported", so I tried that with folders called laxh_exported and laxi_exported, but it didn't help. I own all the DLCs and have everything installed except the Critical Role pack. The game's version is v4.0.1.0041 LAX123ABCDFG -steam. I'm playing on Windows Professional 7 64-bit, if that matters.
  2. Is it possible to disable combat music tracks? I managed to do this in PoE1 by renaming the sound files, but that doesn't seem to be as easy here. All the .wem files' names seem to just be number strings that don't tell what's in them and none of the .bnk file titles don't mention combat as far as I can see. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. What is/are the names of the combat music track(s) that White March pt. 2 adds? I've disabled all the other combat tracks easily since they were helpfully named, but I can't tell with MW 2 naming convention what music is what. I'm assuming px2_mus is the correct folder? Thanks for any help.
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