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  1. None taken! Music is a very personal thing to us all, not everyone will have the same tastes. But you bring up a good point. Both combat b and c play way too much in the first release. I rebalanced the music a bit so that d and e play more, so starting with patch 1.03 you will hopefully have less repetition of c. Wow, thank you so much! You guys are awesome!!
  2. Justin, thank you for the help. For what it's worth I think you guys did an amazing job with the audio. It's just the mus_combat_c.ogg music that I have heard way too much of back in the day so I can't stand it anymore. No offense!
  3. I absolutely love the game and its music. But after a while the combat music really annoys me (just like it did in BG ) because it seems so hectic. Is there any way to disable that music without disabling music altogether?
  4. It would work out if there were ten "10"s for each "1" though. Myself I prefer to not try to counter anything. If you ignore the average user score and scroll through a few of the reviews on metacritic you tend to get a pretty good idea of the quality of a game anyways.
  5. In my opinion nothing is worse than waiting for a game to release at midnight just so that you can get maybe half an hour of playtime in before you go to bed (this is assuming that the release works perfectly). For most of us I think it won't matter whether the game releases at midnight, 9am or 5pm (like it does in Central Europe). Most people will play in the evening anyways.
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