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  1. I agree with most of the above, lots of good ideas, especially LordCrash's list. I also think the 2,500 backers/extra level thing is a very cool idea, and definitely motivated me to get the word out more. The main thing I would like to see as a possible stretch goal is some sort of behind the scenes videos, probably not to the level of what 2 Player Productions is doing for Double Fine Adventure, but I find that stuff really interesting. I know there's a behind the scenes book in some of the reward tiers, so that might have some of this detail covered already. But some way of getting regular updates during the development process (aside from the forums) while we wait for 2014, would be great. I also wouldn't want much information to be given away during these videos, as I think that might end up spoiling the game somewhat. So more on the development side, what the process is that you're going through, etc. As far as stretch goals, the reason I haven't been motivated to increase my pledge more (yet is that I don't know a lot about what we were already getting in the base game. Rather than the current system of 'at X stretch goal, we receive +1 characters, +1 races, etc', it would be useful to know 'at X stretch goal, we will have double the lines of text dialog in PST, or double the number of quests in BG2' (or the number of monster encounters from IWD', etc). Not sure how feasible it would be to do that, but currently I'm just assuming (as I think are a lot of people) that we were already getting a great game at 1.1 million, and so it's a bit vague what the stretch goals are going to add in content terms. Apologies if this has already been addressed somewhere on the forums or elsewhere. And thanks for listening to the community and providing everyone this opportunity to be involved in the process. Just following along the Kickstarter campaign has been fascinating in itself.
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