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  1. I wasn't aware they're in this for the salary. If they have to put this on hold because they haven't quite got it exactly as they want it, I will still be happy, as I know that when it is finally released it will be worth the wait. As Loranc points out, though, kickstarter alone has more than doubled their initial budget. I think funding (hopefully) won't be too much of a problem; it seems as if they have a very realistic planning team!
  2. I have several thoughts concerning what I wouldn't like to see in PE, and I don't think anyone else has mentioned these in particular... - A bizarre reputation system, a la BG I & II. Instead I would like to see a system that employs a realistic analysis of: Who observed action x? Do they care about it? I.e. if I kill an innocent out in the wilderness with no observer, I DON'T want to take a reputation hit. - Enemies that instantly attack you. Instead I would like (at least the reasonably intelligent) enemies, to have some sort of measure of your party's power and "decide" (using some random variable) whether to attack you, avoid you or approach you non-aggressively. Also bears and wolves that mindlessly roar and charge towards you are a no-no, in my books. Wild animals, in general, should avoid all combat unless cornered or defending young/mates. - Basic attributes that increase as you level up. I don't like D&D 3rd Ed. onwards for precisely this reason: that I can somehow increase my Strength or Intelligence to arbitrarily high values as I get more experience in the world. I'd like there to be absolute racial maxima applied to your attributes that can only be broken through the use of powerful magic: e.g. Manual of Quickness of Action, temporary boosts through spells/potions etc. - Instantly know the alignment/morality/personality/class of joinable NPCs once they're in your party. These NPCs have their own personalities and motivations, and in (potentially lots of) certain cases they will want to keep this hidden from you, for whatever reason: e.g. the assassin wants to hide his trade from the paladin for fear that he will be turned in to the law, or the seemingly nice illusionist has ulterior personal-gain motives for joining you, or the werewolf is ashamed of her affliction, or the priest doesn't want it known that she secretly worships a deity that is forbidden or frowned upon. However, you should still be able to assign strategies, items and tactics to the NPCs who've joined you based on what you already know about them, and in some cases a character WILL want to share information about themselves with you (usually when they've assessed you to enough of a degree that they trust you with this info). Something I really would like to be seen in this game is a structure that echoes in parts Steven Erikson's truly epic "Malazan Book of the Fallen". I like the idea of an unknown-but-hinted-at master-villain pulling the strings behind major antagonists in the plot, and I like the idea that many of these antagonists are not aware or are only semi-aware of this.The plot should not just fall into place. I'd like it to take me some careful puzzling and thinking to understand fully, and even then I want there to be more and more layers hidden underneath that again only come to light in broken pieces. A trail of signed letters from the evil boss to his second-in-command to his captain to his lieutenant just doesn't cut it, for me. Things that others have put forward but that I want to reinforce are unwanted by me: level scaling, ridiculously powerful weapons/armour, firearms, unrealistic/impractical weapons/armour/clothing, underpowered/useless skills, map markers (unless you've placed them there yourself, or it's a major town/city/fortress with well-known areas/buildings), no greater monetary/experience reward for taking the "good" option... I'm sure there are more than that but a) I can't think of them right now and b) they've probably been mentioned already. Finally, and most importantly, I don't want the developers to release this game before they think they have made it as perfect as they think it can be. They are pouring their heart and soul into this, and PE could quite possibly their greatest release ever. I want them to realise their, and our dream, as fully as is possible, and if that means keeping it as a dream for longer because they don't cut corners or compromise details, then so be it.
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