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    Mathematics, complicated and detailed SF&F literature, progressive and heavy metal music, delectable freshly prepared food, fine wines, ales and beers, hiking and climbing in the great outdoors, and playing engaging, well-thought-out computer, roleplaying and board games. Oh, and I'm a bit of a grammar-Nazi. :-)
  1. I wasn't aware they're in this for the salary. If they have to put this on hold because they haven't quite got it exactly as they want it, I will still be happy, as I know that when it is finally released it will be worth the wait. As Loranc points out, though, kickstarter alone has more than doubled their initial budget. I think funding (hopefully) won't be too much of a problem; it seems as if they have a very realistic planning team!
  2. I have several thoughts concerning what I wouldn't like to see in PE, and I don't think anyone else has mentioned these in particular... - A bizarre reputation system, a la BG I & II. Instead I would like to see a system that employs a realistic analysis of: Who observed action x? Do they care about it? I.e. if I kill an innocent out in the wilderness with no observer, I DON'T want to take a reputation hit. - Enemies that instantly attack you. Instead I would like (at least the reasonably intelligent) enemies, to have some sort of measure of your party's power and "decide" (using s
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