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  1. ... Are you sure they weren't non-poisonous beetles? It's been a while, but I'm almost willing to bet that's what they were. Bards Tale: The Mostly Terrible Remake ARPG had a cool take on the "go killy mah ratsies" quest: a puny-sized, fire-breathing rat that you had to run away from like a good little hero-wannabe. I'd love to see the traditional rat killing get a similar treatment in PE.
  2. I'd be very happy to see XP de-coupled from killing stuff... But I'm a bit worried about the implications for combat. What's the benefit of gibbercide? Why should I want to stick around a farm full of critters that can 2-hit-kill most of my party members? And why even do RTwP if not specifically for having heaps of mindless trash combat that nobody sane would bother with if it wasn't in effect an XP-dispenser? Well... In most of the IE games, XP was an incentive to go exploring. De-fog every zone 100% to make sure you hadn't missed anything killable, to make sure you'd gotten all the XP.
  3. *Dons asbestos suit* Why not just make the non-social encounters optional? It seems to me that trying to create reasonably challenging and interesting combat encounters and the like for a group of potential players, who by their own admission have zero interest in anything beyond the social encounters, is doomed to fail. I'd much rather the devs just made a "the game skips past any and all potentially fatal encounters" difficulty, and spent the money they saved on really great and varied combat encounter design for those of us who actually like tactical combat CRPGs. Really, letting the people who'd rather auto-win do just that, strikes me as a far, far better idea than wasting money trying to make them enjoy suffering through stuff they don't even want to like. Why people go into a tactical combat CRPG when they don't like that sort of game is, I guess, a valid topic for discussion. But the fact is that it happens, so why not just give them what they really want instead of compromising the gameplay the rest of us love?
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