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  1. 16 Currently I'd say The Witcher At the announcement of this game I immediately drew up a list of the greatest CRPG's around (based on popular opinion) and am trying to play through all of them in the next two years or so. I'm on the Baldur's Gate series currently.
  2. I think they got the skills to make it so that the player doesn't feel the need to romance anyone unless they pursue it. Hell, Bioware, who I see as writers not up to par with Obsidian, could do this. Imagine the outrage if the player felt forced to have a gay romance with Cortez. (not that I have a problem with the option, just that there would be outrage). Likewise. As I mentioned this before, they do sucessfully show their ability to do this in KotOR 2. I meant 'forced' in the sense that the romance plots were only put in for the sake of having them, rather than being natural next steps in the characters' relationships with eachother. I didn't mean that I felt they were literally forcing me to take part in them (except Mass Effect 2). Ultimately, I trust Obsidian to deliver top tier story telling regardless of whether or not they decide to include romantic sub-plots.
  3. Nay. It's feels way too forced most of the time in games, and I really don't want what is surely going to be a great tale marred by something as unnessecary as this.
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