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  1. BatNat raised his pledge to 1k and brought us over the 2.0M. Now he can think about his NPC.... Then hes worth a round of applauds passing those goals makes ones day. upped my tiny contribution today. wish i had the cash to put down a 1000 too
  2. Passed it officially when i just checked.. with 2000 to spare.. when it rains it pours doesnt it maybe we got a high roler supporting.
  3. Moral systems are always fun but as stated it hasto be well thought thru to stop fleeing to become a horrible chase after the headless chickens. I dont know howmany games were every fear effect in the game is something you avoid so you dont spend half the game screaming "come back here you cowards" and running around. This is extra dangerous if a games melee dependent and theres a risk that a character can never overtake a character running away so they can flee eternal. less so in ranged weapon games were you shoot them after a few futile running steps away.
  4. I belive that that a good villan over all else needs motivation and thats what makes you belive them. Personally i prefer storied were the righteous have fallen or the fallen is trying fighthing for redemtion but thats a personal favorit character theme. Loghain was a badly written (according to me) version on the theme were doing good led him deep into the dark. The master from fallout was also on this theme but better written all over. When we come to Irenicus ive been reading everybodys loves and hates for him and i feel his a good example of a evil b*st*rd that is beliveable jus
  5. As long as the translation has solid grounds for funding they are excellent. But otherwise i feel the money could be spent better but that is just a personal opinion as a swede who really feels the translations we get are a atrocity to gaming, writing and the English and Swedish languages.
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