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  1. This is a bug, and it happens when hard CC effects are reapplied while a previously-applied effect of the same type is still active. Thanks Anthony - so has it been reported - and acknowledged by Obsidian?
  2. You cheeky bugger - "cheese it" indeed .... There's a spontaneous (no dialogue box) line of spoken dialogue from the dragon if you do it my way - I suspect there's at least one other smart way the devs intended. But kudos to you for going all leeroy jenkins...
  3. well in the end I did it on Path of the Dammed in spite of broken paralyze. Spoke to dragon agreed to help it, then went off and killed the lizardmen first and kept retreating and spamming paralyze (which works most of the time) to take dragon and wood nymphs.
  4. I've seen this lots of times actually - mobs moving and making attacks while paralyzed, although it hasn't blocked progress till now. It's particularly frustrating, repeated wipes because the dragon still attacks after it's paralyzed. I've completed the main quest on path of the damned - basically just the Adra Dragon to go, and I think I could take it if paralyzed actually worked ...
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