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  1. I guess the obvious answer should be : it depends on your progression in the game. Non magic/garbage item at low levels to epic and abundant in the end game (assuming you end up at very high level of powers, facing massive ennemies). In BG1 you start wearing rags while ToB is a +5 sword fest, it should not be too suprising.
  2. At most indifferent about multiplayer, even coop, I don't believe that the pace of this kind of game is suited for multiplayer (lot of text reading, non real time combat...). Modding can be good, but I am rather a BG than a NWN fan. Multilingual however is important to me, even though I already backed the project. I am a native french speaker, and I enjoy reading stuff in my language rather than english, for obvious comfort reasons. Moreover so far the stretch goals are unexciting, to the least. (more money = more game, orly ?)
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