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  1. It's a little unfair to thrash an UI just cause it doesn't scale to 1920x1080 when the game's max was 1024x768. Like for example Deus Ex. Great UI, doesn't really work with modern resolutions. Does that make it a bad UI? No it doesn't. Let's see how good DA remains if used on a 4x as big as intended resolution. I am going to assume you're using the same "bad scaling" then. So yeah, let's keep future or past resolutions out of the discussion and just base what we like on the merits of the UI. Not how well it passed time, giving 5 years old way more leeway than 12 year in an unfair way.
  2. I personally thought between Baldurs gate and the First Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2 had way worse UI. Buttons were two small and it just was not quite as intuitive as the originals. Actually playing with the Icewind Dale 2 UI just annoys me after playing with BG2.
  3. @Czinczar: I loved being able to go into most of the houses in BG. Also Athkatla, Vizima, Sigil, (Alexandria, Lindblum, Burmecia, Treno, from FF IX) are probably my favorite cities of all time. I love the Athkatla, I just wished it was bigger lol. Every time I looked on the map at all the places you couldn't go in the city it made me sad. Final Fantasy IX's cities are probably my favorite stylized cities of all time. Especially Lindblum and Alexandria. The CG opening for Lindblum is amazing, sadly you can hardly explore anything compared to what the CG video shows. I always thought a game
  4. LOL thanks for letting me know Demoss. I just checked IMB, seems like three composers worked on that one. Howard Drossin, Michael Hoenig and as you said Inon Zur. I really like Inon Zur. Need to find more of his music.
  5. I don't really care in all honesty but I generally think games that make the protagonist unique generally give the game a more memorable experience. I know that a lot of people Like Morrowind b/c the character is somewhat unique. The BG series had a very interesting PC. Icewind Dale series I could give two ..... about the PC. Oblivion and Skyrim both sort of have lackluster player characters as well. If the player character can be unique and is just some blow joe then great, If the character is special to begin with but it's done good then that's great to. I just feel that a lot of games h
  6. I though this remix for BG was amazing. Michael Hoenig is by far my favorite composer for the IE games. I especially liked some of the themes for BG2 and Throne. I just want to say I think Music is very important in drawing the PC into the game world.
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