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  1. I've got exactly the same problem - and my last non-automatic save puts me back about 10 hours ... extremely frustrating.
  2. Damn, I hate being in the 'oldest' category of a poll, and even more so not being remotely near the next category down. But so be it. Most beloved RPG: Planescape: Torment I've been playing RPGs and MMORPGs for fifteen years now and have found that the average age of the players that I know in them has increased along with the timeline, other than in a couple of notable exceptions. In the current main MMORPG I play, about 90% of the people I know whether personally or via forums would fit into the 'oldest' category of this poll.
  3. I think $8 is a very good figure to have chosen - quite apart from the symbolic reference, it's a low enough amount to work psychologically even for those of us without large amounts of funds available to add to the project (It's 'only' $8/£5) while still being able to mount up to a significant additional contribution, given that the Order has well over 200 members now. If people want to contribute more, they can (and will, and indeed do!) do so of their own accord without it being a requirement from the Order.
  4. I, too, didn't contribute with the expectation of any merchandise or other reward (although if merchandise was made available I'd expect that to be for extra revenue). I'd really love to see reference to the Order within the game. Although I voted for the 'whole faction' option (amongst others) I doubt this is likely ... but it would be great to come across the Order at points within the game, whether as Lore or background NPCs, or some sort of helpful encounter (rather than a combative one).
  5. Liverpool, UK Pleasantly surprised at the range of nationalities on here and that Europeans/UK outnumber all the rest of the world put together ...
  6. *tosses a few more coins onto the pile* Severai, Infiltratrix of the Obsidian Order (avatar of some sort coming when I can get to a proper computer ...)
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