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  1. Regardless of what kinds of gods we have, I think it'd be neat to have your character worship/follow the teachings of a certain god, and be rewarded/punished based on that decision. Certain gear is acquired by following X, but now Y doesn't like you. Clerics of Z get these spells, but now you have a unsettling aura about you, and people aren't too keen on speaking with you. Or even be agnostic/not follow any specific one, so you get no advantages and no disadvantages as far as religion is concerned.
  2. I think half-breeds are a good idea, sterile or not. What I think the best thing to do with half-breeds is how everyone would judge that character. Say the world generally looked down upon them or even just certain ones, be it subtle snips or full blown hatred I want to see it in the dialogue. I want my choice to have traits from both races punished by racist merchants and prejudiced guardsmen, yet rewarded by opened possibilities in gear, traits, skills, etc. Hell, bring gender into things too. Things like that are something I'd really love to see. Sorry if it was already mentione
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