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  1. In my opinion, the people on these forums just don't get it... I've read a lot of "suggestions". Most of them are just horrible ideas. No, I don't want a food indicator. I'm pretty sure my party's smart enough to eat when they're hungry. No, I don't care about a half-assed crafting system where a ****load of components create generic magical items. I've done my fair share of smithing in Skyrim, and I'm still trying to create a talking sword. I want items like Lilarcor, even if that means a static and scripted crafting system. No, I don't want mana-based magic. If you really want to be innovative, maybe try something else than a generic magic system. No, I don't need an inflating economy. There are economy games for that. No, I don't need an "intelligent" inventory system. I'll go play tetris if I want that. The whole point of this project is to return to PROVEN gameplay. If you want to be innovative, be innovative in story, setting and dialog. So here's a message to the developers: You started a kickstarter so publishers wouldn't tell you what to do. Don't let the community take over that role. With so many - often opposing - suggestions, you can't please everyone anyway. So just make the game you would want to play yourself. That worked for the IE games.
  2. Regarding dynamic lighting with prerendered backgrounds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtYvNEmmHXE That building has 3 art assets, all of which are 2D images: 1) The actual image 2) A normal map 3) A height map The normal map + height map provide the game with enough information to provide dynamic lighting and calculate which pixels will catch snow and which pixels won't. To get a better look at the dynamic lighting, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q6ISVaM5Ww The heightmap is also used to intersect 2 images correctly. The technologies aren't very advanced and are widely used in 3D renderers today. This video combines those technologies with 2D pre-rendered images.
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