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  1. "Defluo karasu" In a lost forest of dead trees beneath dark cloudy skies you will find a path leading you to the forests heart. But beware for you are being watched, the trees have eyes and the Ravens are vengeful. Should you brave your way to the heart of the woods you will find the beautiful goddess Defluo karasu. A pale goddess with long flowing dark hair and wings as dark as the night it self She lies beneath a massive tree depressed, alone and forgotten as a massive murder of ravens circle over head. Will you warm her heart? Bring her friendship? or love? or will you evoke the wrath o
  2. so even if you do not plan to use a co-op it would lead to a better game in the long run by drawing in more players and more money in the long run. I know alot of people who will not buy single player games any more.
  3. Multiplayer would greatly increase the games replay value, I always have my friends buggying me to play online with them. If this is only single player then it will lose out to games where you can interact with your friends. It wont sell as well if it is not multiplayer and we would be less likly to see cool updates and expansions due to the lack of sales. so yes it will take time/resources/money to make it co-op but it will also help generate money in the long run by increasing sales. and more money = better expansions and a better game
  4. As far as i know this is a single player game, I think it would be amazing if you found a way to allow a few friends to join you! Im not saying MMORPG but something that would let 3 or 4 friends join in on your world would be amazing
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