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  1. That would mean that our Order has raised an additional $1840 for this project. Neat! Now to only get all the other backers to up their pledges & join...
  2. Whatever they choose to do with the Order in the game, I'll be happy with, so long as its humourous & reflects the oft-times craziness of us fans :D
  3. I'd like a T-shirt, & I'd be happy to pay extra should there be an option to have one made. The last thing I want is OE wasting game funds on merchandise, but if we pay extra for it, then thats cool.
  4. @LordCrash: I'm happy with whatever they do, so long as its nothing serious. The more they take the mickey out of us & make it silly, whimsical & amusing, the better imo. Just keeping it as an amusing thumbs up to the fans will be good enough by me.
  5. I could see the Order being a bunch of crazy fanatics that the PC & his/her group keep running into at odd intervals in the game - sometimes the bunch of crazies & their antics will be a pain in the arse, at other times they're merely amusing & every now & then they might just prove helpful, depending on the scenario.
  6. @dlux: perhaps I'm missing something, but I think my names gone & disapeared off the list... Edit- Ah, nevermind - blond moment here - I was looking under Patricia - my kickstarter name, not my gaming/forum name Hammer _0f _God Oh, but if its at all possible, can we have the NightMare changed to KnightMare in my forum title? If not then its no biggie
  7. @Uberhen: The more $8 pledges for Project eternity, the merrier! Woot! Greetings & welcome to you too! Okay, I'm outa here for the night - g'nite!
  8. Greetings PsychoBlonde & welcome From what I understand, our order master has gone to bed. As to all new titles, they should be handed out tomorrow
  9. @ Wombat: yeah, our order could do with a marsupial Dont think we have one of those yet...
  10. Sorry Particia, Chad already has that title... oh, you actually mean transport mount! As you where. Well Chad does keep saying he's taking a bit of strain & is looking for some back up there... But I'm sure he'll manage just fine I'll stick to epic battle charges & a bit of horsin around every now & then...
  11. Patricia (as I am known on kickstarter) - NightMare of the Obsidian Order signing in to say hi! So I'm like the... erm... trusty mount of the Order...? Hell that certainly does spring a whole number of... "interesting" connotations to mind... Heh
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