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  1. @theseez Well thank you for your quick clarification :D Go Malaysia!
  2. 23 Icewind Dale (all) Baldurs Gate (all) Planescape TOEE Gothic 1+2 Risen 1 Dragon Age Origins Vampire the Masquerade (Redemption+Bloodlines) Secret of Mana and a lot of the DosBox classics
  3. Woo fellow Malaysian! Could you guys tell me something about where your language originates from? I know some turkish and somehow I am able to understand about 5% of your written language...
  4. Just post the title which you desire, the Obsidian mod's will take care of it. Currently, it's an honour system so noone except for Obsidian can know...
  5. @Ink Blot You have to wait until you're added to the list, which then will be posted to a mod, who in turn will change your title. (Don't worry, doesn't take too long) Please let us know the title you wish right here in this topic.
  6. You have to ask Alper. He made the site. Well young brethren, I heard my name. The answer lies in the holy crypts of http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/?feels=Epic So it's basically music without specific copyright.
  7. Ah, OK then Had no idea since I haven't seen the movie, as you can probably tell. Sorry for making you explain otherwise nice reference to some ignorant, it always spoils the fun (at least for me, when I'm in your shoes) . No hard feelings - But to make it up you could give the movie a try
  8. That's just like, your opinion, man. Not exactly. I'm not sure about GOG, but guys who started CDProjekt said that after experience with publishing games they wanted the studio to move on and make their own games. At first they wanted to do a PC port of Baldur's Gate: Alliance, and when it didn't work out they started the work on a Witcher, who in the first approach was supposed to be a NWN mod. So, in a way, without IE games and Black Isle/Bioware, there wouldn't be a Witcher series. BTW, also Poland here, but southern regions, near neighborhood of Kraków. I think there has been a misunderstanding. As his/her profile picture shows the Big Lebowski, I thought of the "opinion" thing to be a suitable quote from the movie. Loved the witcher, love GOG and Poland btw ;-) @Arch-Mage Troy and Abed in the moooorning!
  9. Welcome to all new members of the glorious order And also: Is the membership list more-or-less up-to-date? Since it's being published in alphabetical order I'm having trouble searching for new names...
  10. Not to seem geeky and all but I'm totally impressed. Good luck on your current project!
  11. Woooow! A real cartographer you say? What do you charge and what would you for the merit of PE? (Not that I do need a map in particular, but I have always been fascinated by the art) Edit: I see that it was a stupid question now. What would you charge for a cloth map (medieval / fantasy style) of a quarter of a contemporary town by the size of 30x30cm?
  12. The question becomes should we have tiers of level or size of artwork relating to pledge increase? Avatars $5, banners $8 and $10 or $15 for bigger size? If we make it official, we should have some kind of tiers. But until now, I'd say that anyone who provides services should chose for themselves. Just my 2 cents, anyway.
  13. Hmm. Perhaps one should demand screenshots after the funding ends? I mean I am not too sure either, but I'll gladly help Obsidian or the Order in every way I can. Edit: You might be right - I'm not very talented in concerns of design for that matter. I don't really expect lots of people visting Turkey any time soon, either. But if Americans, Europeans, and different people from all over the world joined the cause, we might have the chance of actually getting those few extra bucks.
  14. Hey good people of the Order! Please feel free to check this out: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60559-the-obsidian-order-takes-initiative/
  15. Hey fellow members of the Order, I think it's about time to take the initiative. For every before-and-after screenshot of an Order member's pledge raised another $8 I am willing to give you a 4-5 hour tour of Istanbul or assist you with a translation between english-german. It would be cool, if others joined and provided their services for the merit of our beloved game. What do you say? Edit: On popular request I agreed to grant my services to anyone who thinks has a rightful claim upon them. (No questions asked!) If in any case, YOU think you could have some special talent, please let us know.
  16. Mmmh. I live in Istanbul - in Europe, though. But: There's this one guy who owns a restaurant on an isle in between continents. Which one should he vote?
  17. I would even go as far as to say we might be part of a collective mind that awoke with the announcement of Project Eternity but existed since the dusk of time.
  18. I'm so totally confused with what the order actually represents I mean, are we a guild, an internet phenomenon or... Whatever, I'm totally in love with Obsidians support of the Order...
  19. The Obsidian Order of Eternity

  20. Awesome! The members list can be found on the 1st page of this thread. Great then. I'll use your list as the official source
  21. Hey guys, I made a fun site - what do you think? (I'm sorry but I simply don't have the time to maintain a professional ad-free "guild" site with tube, forums, galleries etc.) http://bit.ly/QIyIYD If someone is able to provide a full list of all our members I'll gladly update the info on that site.
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