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  1. Another Torment big fan here, it's true I'd have really loved to see a real sequel on its way with this kickstarter, but I'll take a good classic RPG anyway. I'm afraid that Torment was really one of its kind, its universe (one of the best ever written for à P&P rpg for me) made half the fun and I'm not sure it's supported anymore, so a real Planescape game might not be possible at all. Still, one can hope for the future...
  2. Honestly, levels caps are far less of an issue than level scaling of the encounters... So if it's a choice between the two to maintain a challenging experience through the game, I'll take level cap any day, thanks.
  3. Wow so many new members already... Welcome everyone :D And thanks to our founders for the great work too.
  4. Yes, acknowledging what the player did all along his path, even (especially ?) small things that didn't really influence the grand scheme in the end in a great way to establish and maintain that illusion of liberty. There was also the Witcher 1 technique, where some choices earlier in the game had direct and unexpected consequences later (with a flashback from the choice you made when it kicked in). It was nice because it helped making the illusion of a dynamic world, but somehow it seemed a bit random too. Definitely something to consider though, throwing the player a bit of surprises from w
  5. Even if it crashed quite hard with the infamous ending, Mass Effect did a really great job on that side, many small things making a small appearance from the 1st to the 3rd, and it really helped making the world feel persistent and coherent around us. For PE, even if it's not time for sequels already, that kind of things should be considered early in the thinking process so it can be integrated nicely when the need arises.
  6. Nah. Most of us if not all of us desire nothing in joining. The only purpose is to help Obsidian not seeking personal gain. The titles thing on here was Obsidians choice and something they did out of kindness of their hearts. Something they never had to do for us to increase our support in the first place. I agree here, the titles were a great gift already. Custom NPCs would dangerously start to look like a hidden reward tier, which never was the idea. Just a fun and cheap (for each of us) way to add some more to the final funding.
  7. Cosmetic/Vanity items are fine for this in my agenda I guess... Especially in a game designed mainly to be played solo anyway, there won't be any bragging rights or anything, and it's nice to give an incentive for backers.
  8. Wow, the new titles are coming in nicely Very nice here, thanks a lot. Edit : Well not mine though... *makes cute mascot eyes thingy* pretty please ? Edit2 : Ah well I spoke too fast Thanks
  9. Haha, great news about the title... Now I'll wonder if I should have picked something more serious Bah, whatever days to come may be, everyone will still need a trusty little mascot with them, right ?
  10. Hey there, the Order's Mascot just got here... you may pet but don't overdo it there are many other people waiting for it too
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