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  1. i am definitely on-board with dragons, so far as they're given their due and are an appropriately majestic, alien, and terrifying creature. so, like everything else, consider me open-minded.
  2. as for doubts along the lines of, "i don't want guns because it puts the untrained on equal footing with a veteran soldier" or fears that guns might represent "the end of an era"... have you considered that, perhaps, those are the exact intentions Obsidian has re: firearms and this setting? perhaps their entire goal is to provide the setting of a world in conflict, or a world "moving on"? an actual, well-crafted and interesting fantasy world doesn't remain stagnant for millions of years. if you want it to feel like a living, breathing world filled with people who are living genuine lives,
  3. Tweed and shetland.

  4. it's not like firearm and ammunition factories spring up overnight. we don't have dwarf slave caravans kidnapping elven children so their dainty little fingers can fit inside the barrels of mass-produced guns to clean out the rifling or anything. i hesitate to put words in the developers mouths and everything, but it seems fair clear to me that the 1) guns are super uncommon and either a luxury or some barbaric implement viewed with suspicion at best and revulsion at worst and 2) it's not like the SS John Moses Browning is rolling up Geiran's Grasp and off-loading tens of thousands of mac
  5. yes, please. quite simply, i have faith in these guys and their ability to craft an interesting, wildly fresh and invigorating setting and world. if that includes guns, i assume they know what they're doing and really look forward to seeing what they come up with. in fact, all things considered, i'm glad to see them steering a little ways from the dogmatic, traditional view of what constitutes "high fantasy". i just hope to see them go full tilt and get crazy. i want to see elves that are truly alien, otherworldly, ethereal and strange, not just pointy-eared pretties. i want to see dwa
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