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  1. There are so much better examples of situations in video games with emotional impact, even in modern and non-RPG games. There was one moment in Dishonored, that literally made me pause for a while and think about what just happened. It was when Corvo woke up and Emily showed him a childish portrait of him drawn by herself, with "Daddy" written below the picture. A childish gesture, but it shows so much about what she thinks about main character. It's hard to explain with words, those who went through the game and are able to notice such things know what I mean. I don't like forced situations, like those from some recent RPGs, where the game almost screams at me: "I'M TRYING TO MAKE EMOTIONAL IMPACT ON YOU, YOU SHOULD BE CRYING NOW!". Luckily, we won't see such artificial situations in Project: Eternity, judging by what Obsidian made in the past. Dead Money (DLC for Fallout: New Vegas) is the prime example of how they can refer to our emotions.
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