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  1. So, how long does it take to get a reply from support? I wrote to them 3 days ago. I used the Contact Us form, maybe that's the problem ...
  2. Well, I guess there are more of us that feel cheated. When Inxile did this with Wasteland 2, they made it right and send every backer a physical dvd. The results was that I backed every single one of their campaigns since then. If/when Obsidian does its next campaign, I'll wish them good luck and maybe buy the game on release day or on sale, but I don't think I'll be backing them again. If I only wanted a digital copy, I would have pledged for the digital copy. And saying they announced it somewhere, does not help. Nobody showed me where they announced it, and it seems a lot of people didnt see it. Obsidian it still quiet on this. I guess there's not really enough of us complaining.
  3. Well, then you probably backed a digital reward? If I back a physical copy of the game, I expect the DVD in the box. Otherwise, I would have pledged 20 dollars and that would be that. And I still use CD/DVDs
  4. Well, I got my physical box today and boy was I suprised when I opened it. I never read and update about this (or maybe I forgot), but this experience and the collector's edition for Dreamfall Chapters just convinced me to stop pledging for these things. At the time of pledging (and it was day one) I was promised a physical copy, which to any normal person means a CD or DVD. Somebody might think it will be on a USB key, but nobody expects a code in a box :/ It's really disappointing. Even if they try to fix it with a DVD copy of the game, what's the point, the steelbook can't hold the DVD, it has no placeholder for it. Truly disappointing. Any excuses on semantics about the reward tier (Physical Box) is just treating the customer as a dumb person. I believe most backers at this tier actually wanted a drm-free DVD copy of the game and that is what they expected. You should have been clear from DAY ONE, this is just a pretty box with code in it. But if you were, I would not have pledged to this tier. So, yeah, I am feeling duped.
  5. I have a different question, a month ago I chose to update my pledge from digital (50) to retail (65 + 15 international), so at the end I had to pay extra 30 dollars. The 65 tier was called retail pack, today I went to check the tiers again and there is a retail box for 50 (tier Boxed Copy of Pillars of Eternity) instead of 65 . So, my question is, does this mean I suddenly have 15$ credit?
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