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  1. I'd really love a multi co-op option in this game !! Co-op games are far too few those days and it really adds a lot to a game to be able to play it with friends (online or not, LAN is even better !!) I played NWN in co-op and it was really awesome, i really hope something will come out in this one. Solo shouldn't be forgotten of course, co-op game must be a kind of add-on, you choose to play that way or not. NWN multi system should be chose as base system and maybe making something new and exciting from it. Co-op system should be just some programming to add to the solo mode (ma
  2. Hello, first of all why translating the game in multi-language if no one here or on kickstarter speaks anything else than english or understand it enough to make a pledge on the project ? I'm not english myself and i'd really love to see the game in my language but how would i know the game should be in my language with websites all in english ? Would anyone not understaning english gonna pledge on this project if they can't even read it ? I can make my way through many english games so i don't really care if the game is only gonna be english or french (i'm french), but i can under
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