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  1. I have no idea why Italy didn't show up in the map -- that's so weird, I didn't notice! Italy had 530 participants, 0 from San Marino and Vatican City, though. Apologies for that! Also nothing in Portugal.
  2. There's a god who is massively powerful, but also very wise, so he never uses his powers. He lives a humble life, masked as a mortal, and, on occasion, he will give some of his power to someone of his choosing. - Those who are pure of heart and ignorant to the powers they possess, will not use them based on the knowledge of their effects, but on the strength of their faith. Those who knowingly use their powers will abuse and push their limits, slowly allowing them to take over. -
  3. I would like to see multiplayer. You have no idea how much effort me and my friends went through to play Baldur's Gate together and it was so worth it. If multiplayer is not your thing, don't use it, but I really hope they put it in.
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