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  1. I don't speak German, but these names shouldn't been translated in the first place in my opinion nor should the names of places or people be translated in the game. City in Bayern is M√ľnchen not Munich (no matter how many Americans or English you ask about it). Same goes for every other language with names of places. Even names like Schwartzwald which have actual meaning (not just more anglisised pronounciation) shouldn't be translated. It's not Black Forest if its in Germany. I never understood idea of translating names of places as it makes even more confusion (less in games than in real life, but anyway) with people calling same places with different names. You can see I still used Germany instead of Deutschland, but that is to make less confusion, since everyone knows what I'm talking about. Although I would prefer for everyone to start using also names for countries like Deutschland, Hrvatska or Suomi, but I think it's too late for that. Otherwise I'm all for translations although I wouldn't use them and that was one of the ways I learned better English. Try to play word based adventure games with very limited vocabulary at early 90's at age of 10 and later RPGs with little bigger vocabulary and u will learn quicker than at school.
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