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  1. Looking forward very much to the Linux build. Upgraded to the new mac build last night and it hung on me after creating my first character, when it was starting to load the actual game. Not a super good sign. I'll try playing with it more today...
  2. Any chance of getting a mac and/or linux build before the holidays?
  3. Makes sense. Will you be posting a new mac build with the base game improvements in it, even if it doesn't fix any of the mac specific issues?
  4. One more note on this - I just tried another play-through from a new character, and had the same behaviour - after I cleared out the Ogre caves and tried to level up, it hung while leveling up my wizard. unfortunately I hadn't been saving the game, and I was left with a corrupt save game - at least the game has hung twice when I tried loading the auto-save.
  5. That's great! Will you be updating Mac at the same time? I've been trying to play a bit - but it hangs so often it's hard to get very far. Any targets yet for a linux beta?
  6. I don't know if it is relevant or useful, but after turning in the ogre quest, I got a little further, I was able to level up my priest and rogue before it hung while trying to level the wizard. I ran the 'Sample' option while inspecting the process from the Activity Manager, which seems to give a trace of which threads are open, etc. Not sure whether it is useful, but I've attached it here. If there are additional debugging or tracing steps I can run on the mac, let me know. I have xcode installed, but not a very recent version. Sample of PillarsOfEternity.txt
  7. As an additional note, I tried going back to the village and levelling up there - also no dice - this is 5 times in a row it crashed while trying to level my priest - the time before that I succeeded in leveling the priest, but it hung when I leveled up the next char...
  8. I've completed the cave (didn't kill the ogre, convinced him to move on) and am trying to level up just outside the cave - and I'm seeing frequent hangs while doing it . Seems like I have about a 50/50 chance of it hanging when I click on the 'Level up' button - I'm basically having to save after leveling each character... VERY painful. I'm getting very tired of having to force-quit and restart / reload... I've spent maybe 10 minutes trying to level up my party so far... reloaded at least 6 times, and I've only managed to level up 2 characters. I also saw it hang once just wh
  9. I seem to be getting a repeatable hang when leaving Dyrford Village after buying a grappling hook and rope from Wynfrith. If I then try to go to the crossing, the game seems to reliably hang. So far I've had it hang about 7 or 8 times on one computer (~2009 27" iMac), and 3 or 4 times on a 2011 15" macbook pro. Both systems are running MacOS 10.9 I did manage to successfully do this once with another party, but it seems to hang much more repeatably than usual for me...
  10. Interestingly, I just tried starting a new game, and first moved the difficulty slider to normal and then back to easy, and *now* the game actually seems easy - I can just let the AI go for it, and don't even come close to wiping. I now suspect that the 'default' difficulty is actually normal or even hard, even though it starts out showing 'easy'... If I can confirm I'll post on the bug forum..
  11. Thanks for the insight... Frankly, from what I see so far, I prefer the IE-style approach... I'm not big into micromanaging things, maybe that is why I'm wiping so often...
  12. I don't object to a game that is difficult when it is set to 'Normal', or 'Hard'... Call me crazy, but when you set the game to 'Easy', I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the game to be, you know - easy... My wife would never play the game as it stands --- she'd get her party wiped a dozen or so times and she'd give up and go on to some other game... I think there's a fairly large class of gamer out there who will not play the game if it stays this difficult even on the 'Easy' setting...
  13. I wonder if it is worse on 10.10 --- I'm still on 10.9.3 and I never saw any save games being corrupted. I also never saw a crash to the desktop. I didn't notice the correlation between completing fights and it then hanging, but it's possible - I'll pay more attention to that next time I play.
  14. I forgot to mention - I did see the refresh rate as being pretty low when I ran at the native resolution - I had to go down to 1 notch lower to get usable performance. I didn't try tweaking any of the graphics options yet...
  15. I don't have any windows systems, and my new systems are both linux, but I have a couple of older Mac OS X systems, so I was pretty happy when the Mac Beta came out, and played around with it a bit on the weekend. For the record, the two systems are a 2009 27" iMac and a 2011 15" Macbook Pro - both were the top-end systems when they came out. I also haven't explored too much yet - I only had maybe 5 hours total to play, and wanted to experiment with a few different classes, so I've played with a Barbarian, a Cipher and a Paladin so far, but I don't think any of them got past level 6.
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