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  1. Weirdos maybe, but still a large group of consumers who will snatch any game, that has word "romances" in the description. If included we want them done good, while they don't particularly care about the quality of said romances.
  2. I think "reading comprehension" would be a better use of your chalk. Avellone himself has, in regards to characterization in Project Eternity, made it clear how romance potentially fits into writing a character. It's all about writing good characters. If it makes sense for a character to potentially fall for the PC, then it's likely going to be an option. Heck, the guy once wrote a list of requirements for a good romantically available character. Interesting. Do you have a link to the statement and the requirements list? So now every developer should be afraid of including romances? You're acting like a drama queen. They will stick to their romances topics so you won't have to deal with them.
  3. http://forums.obsidi...d-romance-poll/ Romance inclusion options wins by far, "only a minority of players will play them". Nice logic. Don't want to play devil's advocate, but you do realize everyone has his own list of priorities that he thinks is perfect for the game.
  4. You should play Dragon's Dogma then. >.> Any quest you do despite being male or female has the NPC falling in love with you. Now THAT is having no choice in the matter. XD What about the trillions, nay, gazillions, NAY! INFINITYONS! That want it?!?!?! Joking aside, with these extended goals you don't find it anywhere where it might be added? I mean think about it as well, wouldn't a nice loving companion be welcomed in your group? Most games are adding romance options now since it seems to be such a welcome addition which draws a lot of customers despite the naysers. The thing is what kind of costumers? I am sure adding gritty over the shoulder camera and cover shooting mechanics might draw CoD fans too. Let's do this, it will make trillions! SLAMDUNK! Are you commenting just for the sake of commenting? What he mentioned is perfectly viable in a RPG Obsidian is aiming for and based on the games the draw inspiration from. The nonsense you mentioned is not.
  5. If we're talking about mature, deep story and interactions, I can't see how it won't involve romance or affection in some form or another. It's not a question of whether it should be there, because that's how human relations work. You embark on a huge journey with female companions, endure hardships together, share joyful moments without a notion of interest in them? It's about how Obsidian will illustrate all this. People might be disappointed it wouldn't be done BG2 style, but the romance may still be there. And the poll results are quite predictable, 50-50. Not counting the 5th option though.
  6. exactly. do it like in baldurs gate 2 and it will be perfect. Although maybe not the elf-baby inventory item. Agreed. Leave that stuff for epilogue. BG2 did romances decently. Better than most of the games actually. But it is in no way the ultimate way to handle romances. If Obsidian does include them, it's gonna be interesting to see how they handle them and to what extent they will allow them to influence the main plot. On a side note, I wonder how much time before we get a comment form Obsidian representative about this, since it seems to be a hot topic around here.
  7. Obsidian can write great romance. I just happen to think that romantic notions and tendencies work very well with fantasy settings.
  8. Optional, well-developed, believable, intellectual and emotionally engaging romance written by Obsidian? Why not. It's not like it's shoved down one's throat. It's just another sub-plot (feature) you have the liberty to experience or skip.
  9. I say let's just wait and see what Obsidian can say on this romances matter.
  10. High fantasy, soul magic, monster slaying, romance - the stuff of legends, right Boo?
  11. Well, that's up to Obsidian to decide. If they get to hear a gem of a voice talent from the community, why not I suppose.
  12. They already said they'd be using the patrial VO style as seen in BG 1-2 and PS:T. There is absolutely no need for full voice acting and for the love of God don't voice the main character. Voice overs are recorded in the professional studios, not at home with a microphone.
  13. I'm pretty sure romances alone won't make a stretch goal. It's gonna be something like "New Quests, Comapnion, Class, etc. and Romances".
  14. I understand your concern, Bos_Hybrid. I too don't want to see essential game features sacrificed in favor of romances. But we also don't know how many romances are enough for today, there is no set needed amount, nor can we speculate on the amount of work needed to implement them. For all we know Obsidian were meaning to include them in one form or another from the start. Someone from Obsidian should just say whether romances are surely to be in game, on a stretch goal or never to be implemented. It would stop these threads from appearing.
  15. Let's throw baseless assumptions at each other. I'm pretty confident 35,999 crave for romances deep inside. I base this fact on...oh wait. And old school RPGs didn't have romances, right? See, mate. I'm not for or against romances. I'm indifferent towards them. But people here seem to be either completely for or against them with only some who don't mind well-written and developed optional "emotional attachments" towards a companion.
  16. Personally, if they are included, I wouldn't worry about romances being bad, considering Obsidian's quality of writing. It seems to be a deal breaker for quite some people and can be completely optional. Apparently, modern mediums (books, movies, games) made people expect romance if high-fantasy settings.
  17. Every backer has his own opinion about what should be implemented and what not. Romances seem to be quite a demanded feature, so from the "listening to customers" and the game appeal to modern audience perspective it doesn't seem to be a complete waste of resources.
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