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  1. Heya, as cneanlob has suggested, I'll be uploading all of the files that the stickied post on the main thread suggests. This link includes: a save file which shows both effects of the bug (in my case), a DxDiag output of my system specs, and an output_log after starting the game, playing through the combat in the bog next door, and then saving and closing the game. For the record, I didn't have this problem until I started using Eccea's Arcane Blaster, and even then it wasn't an issue until I started using it with a melee weapon in the off-hand. Also worth noting: my reload speed receives
  2. I also encountered this bug. At some point I started looping my reloads endlessly and haven't been able to find a workaround (in addition to the things mentioned above, I tried killing my character off and then finishing the fight (to no effect). I was using Eccea's Pistol with Mordwyn at the time (gotta grind that Kith damage) and am beginning to wonder if the problem is related to action speed/reload speed interactions (at least to get it to enter the infinite reloading state initially). Amusingly, this problem happened to me on a double-shot from the pistol, so now all of my no-reloading re
  3. Oh I suck. Let's see if I can figure out how to delete this!
  4. How do you handle doing addons? Do you just send them an email saying you did an addon, or is there something I'm just missing?
  5. Wow, I got caught up in Borderlands 2, forgot to check this post, and look at where it went! Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I guess the consensus is, "Only if it doesn't **** with my NPCs" which is how I wanted it. (I've beaten BG2 so many times that powergaming runs have become my favorite, with 4-6 PCs and no NPCs at all. See youtube.com/kardis for details.) Hopefully, someone from on high sees this thread and let's us rock it. Thinking about it, ToEE also let you create a full party of PCs. With all of that said, PS:T probably had the best NPCs I've ever partied with, so if they're as
  6. Hey! One of my favorite things about Icewind Dale 2 and BG2 (and Temple of Elemental Evil, which I just found and started playing!) was the ability to have an entire party of PCs, skipping the PCs entirely (or almost entirely). Do you intend to have this as an option in the game, or will it be more like Planescape: Torment, where there's only one true PC, and then you get a bunch of controllable NPC sidekicks? Game looks really neat, look forward to seeing great things!
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