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  1. Nice update, I like almost everything there. I'm not sure about the Adventure's hall. Does that mean we can replace our companions with generic NPCs of their class without any history, quest and personality? If so that doesn't really help the problem you tried to address. A better fix would be to simply add 1-3 new companions instead at that stretch goal.
  2. Allowing a game to be modded (and especially if this is relativly easy to do) gives it: 1. A much longer life span, as the fanbase will contiunally support it by developing cool mods. This is especially so because the game will not be fully voice acted, so dialog-heavy mods could be made without feeling out of place. 2. Make you able to tweak the game to YOUR exact liking. Don't like X? Change it! Think Y should have been a little less Z? Find a mod that changes it, or do it yourself! Even if you are not into modding yourself, there is always other people that feel more or less the same way as you about something, so mostly the mod you want is already created. I really hope Odsidian will support modding!
  3. In my opinion at least the important roles (healers comes to mind), should have more than 1 companion attached to it so you are not stuck with someone who you don't like / don't fit the party. And if you go make spellcasters brokenly overpowered gods as in BG2 then please add more than 1 wizard companion as well. Some of the above ides also seems nice, where you can choose between say 2 different classes for a companion. Maybe they have a base class and through a quest you get to influence how they evolve, both on a personal level but also in regards to class. Having overlapping classes might also help, like both having a priest and a cleric companion, or a paladin and a fighter companion.
  4. @The Sharmat, That is true as well, tho many people still managed to get around that. But you couldn't make those big mods with loads of dialog because it looked silly without voice-acting when the rest of the game had it. And yes, many of the mods released for oblivion, skyrim and FO3+ F:NV are graphic or gameplay tweak related. While that is a nice thing, it is a bit sad that modders can't really make new content to extend the game world, like we could in older games like Morrowind, because of voice acting. I personally never tried making mods or playing them on NWN but I heard it was awsome there as well.
  5. I urge you guys at obsidian to make modding possible through a good modding tool!! All modern games are fully voiced, which might seem good, but is acutely a bane on stuff like modding. Morrowind modding flourished, with tons of great mods that included tons of dialog. In Oblivion and Skyrim it is almost reduced to nothing, as those games are fully voiced. You are missing out on a great opportunity to create a huge modding community around Project Eternity, immortilzing it. Just look at morrowind modding, new mods are still comming out and being updated ten+ years after the game released! The best stuff about modding is, if you got a great, solid, and good game, you can enhance it and add even more playtime to a game you love by getting mods. I can't count the number of times I played Morrowind, while games like NWN2 and BG2 are extremely good but after a certain amount of playthroughs there just isn't anything new to experince. Modding solves that!
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