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  1. I suspect that (for similar reasons) it'll score about the same as Divinity: Original Sin: 87% critical review, 8.7 user review, which should be enough to get folks attention and make it qualify for some RPG of the year awards etc... which will help long-term sales.
  2. I can appreciate the merits of both systems. However, my personal favorite option is RTwP with highly customizable party AI scripts (ala BG2 and, to a lesser degree, Final Fantasy 12). And I've played all of the D&D-based cRPGs going back to Pools of Radiance. It provides maximum flexibility by allowing some micro-management (scripts and pausing), while also allowing for more fast-paced mopping up of lesser foes. And, in answer to those who say there's no strategy in IE combat, I found many of the encounters in Icewind Dale 2 to be highly strategic, as I did some of the lich battles in BG2
  3. If their touchstone is the Infinity Engine games, I don't see any place for a free camera, as it gets away from the IE design of 2D, hand-painted backgrounds (which I, and many other fans, love and miss). If you want a 3D RPG with a fully customizable avatar and a free camera, there are many great games out there that offer that as an option.
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