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  1. You're right, but we're discussing the setting here, not the story. Torment was already a really interesting setting to begin with. What we don't want is generic Tolkein high-fantasy.
  2. If we can't have original races could we at least have a wide variety of varients? If you do manage to build us a rich and culturally diverse world then don't just give us "elves", "dwarves", "humans", but let us choose from a range of different cultural groups too, with actual roleplaying implications. In truth I'd love a game with none of these. They all carry too much creative baggage. I want a world that's fresh, where humans have already warred themselves into extinction, bloodthirsty tribes of dwarven cannibals infest the jungles, elves are a sub-intelligent slave race, and the instead the playable races include living constructs, elementals, mantis-people, and shape-shifting amoeboids. All with their own original cultures that are believable outcomes of the history of the world and its people, rather than well-worn and rebadged archetypes.
  3. More than anything I'd love to see a really meaty tactical combat system which legitimately demands a great deal of careful thought to succeed. I want to feel challenged when I face a powerful boss and his minions, not like I need to grind more so I can spam stronger spells. I guess this would entail detailed environmental interaction and encounters carefully designed to offer loads of ways to deal with the same situation. While my warrior might charge fearlessly into the boss's lair my rogue should be capable of sneaking in to sabotage his lair, orchestrate some elaborate trap, and goad him into it.
  4. +1 for psionics, and for making magic a part of every class. Spellswords and arcane tricksters would be much cooler than plain old warriors and rogues. I also hope to see a loads of within-class customization and specialization.
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