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  1. I agree - I may have only formally joined the Order today, but even 24 hours ago Dlux was trying to help me get my membership sorted. I think that the title, and membership should exist even in absentia, and if Dlux ever wishes to return to the Order, even after we stop taking members, the Doors should always be open for him/her to return
  2. I too had this same question, Where exactly does confirmation of title happen? (Dread Necromancer) Terrhwulf (Of the Obsidian Order, Master of the Dracolich)
  3. Greetings! I finally remembered to get my password from home, and after paying the dues (About a week and a half ago) I petition the order for admittance. Known as James C King on the KickStarter forums, I'd prefer to henceforth be known as: The Dread Necromancer Terrhwulf, of the Obsidian Order, Master of the Dracolich! My hordes breathlessly await your decision...
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