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  1. Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus. To me, a respec option does not belong in this kind of an RPG. It cheapens the choices made at the start of the game, as well as damaging the feeling of consistency in the setting, if my warrior suddenly changes from a greatsword-weilding behemoth to an agile swashbuckler because I decide I don't like my character's build anymore. A sub-optimal build really isn't the end of the world anyway, particularly in a single-player RPG where you have 5 other party members by your side as well. I vote no to respec!
  2. Attributes should be either fixed or with very minimal increases (something like the FO:NV implants, or the ability score increase every 4 levels from 3E). To me, this makes character creation much more interesting, because the decisions you make will stay with you for the whole game. Having to put some thought into it is a good thing. Compare this to the system in Dragon Age, where the few points you distribute at character creation quickly become irrelevant as you level up further, and you end up with your primary attribute increasing 5 fold over the course of the game. As for point buy
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