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  1. I'm not suggesting all this because I want the experience of eating in the game. Let me be clear, I do not want to bog down an awesome game with contrived and stupid mini tasks to perform all the time, with a hundred different bars and stats, ok? That's just stupid. What I'm suggesting is very simple and it's a less contrived way of putting some sense into the rest/sleep function instead of just limiting it to, say, 2 uses per day.
  2. If you stayed at an inn you wouldn't consume any of the party's food/rations, it would be "included" in the price you payed I'd say.
  3. Having food or rations doesn't necessarily mean adding anything like hunger or fatigue (that's just contrived). If you read what I've posted just a page back you'll see an example of how it could be done. Abuse? Why should you or anyone else care about what other people do in their own game sessions? Can you elaborate? I fail to see how it solves something tedious. First question: I do not care how other people play, But the guys at Obsidian apparently does. I, on the other hand, only care how I play myself. Instant full HP, MP, and spell regain, all for free and unlimit
  4. If you just changed the "gold coin" symbol that you see next to how much you have of it into an image of a pile of mixed valuables like coins, paper money, and gems, it would be more obvious that "gold" is an abstraction and not actual gold coins. I also vote for keeping it weightless.
  5. It'll be very disappointing if they didn't allowed multiplayer co-op. The multiplayer for Baldur's Gate is a ****ing hassle, but many of us still go through it to this day because, even being tackay, it allows for one of the best co-op gaming experiences of all time to this day.
  6. It'll not add something tedious, it would solve something tedious; a problem that the creators have directly addressed. Automatically consuming rations when you rest/sleep is a creative way of doing so, I would argue.
  7. But it would be a nice solution to the sleep/rest-abuse without being a burden.
  8. I haven't seen any talk about this anywhere. They said something about only allowing you to create the main character and not a whole party like in Baldur's Gate (damn shame that), but will that also mean that you can't play with your friends where they create their own characters? I'm pretty sure the ability to do so in a game like BG2 is the main contributor to it's longevity.
  9. Food and drink could be something you came across just like everyone you meet carrying gold and the occasional gemstone; random loot, and most shops would sell supply it. Depending on how the inventory will be set up you can either have food and drink items be all sorts of things like a flask of brandy or a bowl of porridge, if items were to take up space in your inventory based on their seize, but if your items, be it a chest plate or a ring, just takes up one slot, then you'd rater have drink and food represented as a single stackable item, as in a ration. I think food and drink is an ea
  10. Firstly, thanks for providing an "insider's" view on the ideas! Regarding the food and drink part. I might have stressed the inherent antagonism too much and the creative solution too little. I am aware that the use of potions and healing is to replenish health at huge amounts and at a very quick rate (often instantaneous), but I'm suggesting that this is only the case since it's just during battles that you lose health at those rates. However, if you were affected positively and negatively depending on if you were well fed and happy or starving and grouchy, food and drink would actually s
  11. Passage of time in RPGs Quite some time have passed since the birth of RP video games, and we have seen innovation after innovation deepen the immersion and revitalize not just a game genre but also a culture. The introduction of 3D did a lot to the first-person branch of RPGs for example, and the obvious demonstration would be the Elder Scrolls series. The advancement of internet also did a lot to RPGs which by nature is based on gameplay including several players, if you consider their origins, and today we have a genre called MMORPG. I have always thought of the element and mechanics o
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