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  1. You might see it that way, rest of us might see it differently. For me "progress" means death of romance and wonder. We no longer have a world of high adventure and mystery, instead we have a boring place ruled by cold science. You know, the same place from which many of us are trying to escape through books and games. I'm sorry but I do not want that kind of "fantasy". Well said. Guns just destroy immersion for me in a world like this. I gave myself some time to try and think it over but in the end, I just can't support this project with guns in the fantasy world. Initially I thought I might just drop my donation down from $125 to $25 so I'd still get the game. But I just don't have the desire to support something I feel so strongly against so i canceled my donation. Best of luck to Obsidian in any case. Farewell!
  2. Well, I guess your deal, it is broken. So... see ya. EDIT - This comes off as jerky of me, but all the ultimatums and all or nothing thinking in many of the threads seems a little overboard. How is it an ultimatum? I simply stated that its a deal breaker for me. I didn't say 'get rid of guns or else', nor was the intent to imply any such threat. I don't want guns in my fantasy setting, and if this turns out to be as I fear then this won't be a game for me. I don't harbor any illusions that they'll change anything for me and they're surely prepared for people to abandon their project as they learn certain details, and perhaps they'll attract more people to it as they learn more. But guns aren't for me in fantasy.
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