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  1. So call me crazy. But how would people feel about reducing the customization options for your main character in the game? Hear me out. The reason I say this is because I love Planescape Torment. I love it. No game has surpassed it in my mind as far as cultivating a fantastic story goes. It's why I buy every game that has Chris Avellone's name on it and it's why I will continue to buy every game with Chris Avellone's name on it. But It got me thinking, why do I love it so much? Well there's fecking TONS of reasons. But a big one for me is the nameless one. I love him. He is the best. The coolest. The best. But he is what he is. You can't change him. Apart from some stats at the start, the only way to change what he is, is by playing through the story. And its awesome. And then I was thinking about Baulder's gate 2. I love that game. Love it. I loved my thief. And I loved my druid. And I loved my wildmage. But I will be damned if I can remember their names. Sure they were well written and sure they had a cool (amazing) Bhaal infused story (god damn I love that game so much) but there was always some disembodied element about them. Like they were a blank slate filling in the gaps. Like they were just another Biff the understudy. I got the sense that they never knew their lines and that I was the prompter. I never got that with the nameless one. Even though I was picking them, he knew his lines. The nameless one had a sense of completion of character about him that made him rock solid. The world revolved around him so well and everything he did made perfect sense. I will never remember my characters names in BG but I will never forget the nameless one's... name... You get what I mean. And I think that may have something to do with a writers focus? I don't know I'm not a writer. but it seems to me that a writer can focus and do a lot more with a character when the character isn't in a state of flux. He doesn't have to hold back and take differences in appearance, race and size into consideration. NPC's in Torment always commented on the scars and they became a defining characteristic. You can't do that in Baulders gate. Your Character was always a mysterious stranger. People never called you ugly, or huge, or sad. People couldn't physically react to your wealth of tatoos or your freakish eyes. It was just a "hello there traveller.. you are the bhaalspawn.. time to die" I think I'm having trouble making my point here, but its something to take into consideration maybe? Let me know what you think guys. Whatever happens I am looking forward to this game. Oh and one last note if anyone who is making the game is listening. Do away with those simplified dialogue options and the limited number of them. That was half the fun. Reading a small books worth of possible replies and picking the one that you liked the wording of the most. Having "Agree" "get angry" and "witty retort" as dialouge options is not cool. I fecking hate that. It sucks. It sucks so freaking bad. Whatever. that's my rant. I'm out.
  2. I really dont have anything against any of these tropes. Every trope mentioned in the first post and then the weapons and armour ones mentioned by Nonek really seem fine to me. It's not the tropes themselves that are bad it's the way so many game designers use them that sucks. Read a comic called All Star Superman. Grant Morrison took every clich
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