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  1. I know the difference between opinion and fact.


    Very well :D


    I know it's my opinion.


    Yeah, maybe, but you write it like a fact. I also do this sometimes, and I allways apologize if i do this by accident.



    Some opinions are better and more informed than others.


    Thats a really good point. But how we determine this? I am an developer, programmier, gamer and i am really experienced with games and the theory of game development. But this does not makes me better than you nor your so calles "healthy" opinion makes you better than me.


    We are gamer. We all are "nuts". But you sad some gamers are more than other. I cant agree with that.


    But you should take a step back and ask yourself why my opinion upsets you so much.


    Because you lack to argue right sometimes. You write "romances in RPGs are bad" instead of "I dont think that romances can better an RPG" or "In my opinion all romances in games are bad!" I am upset because you dont differ correctly between fact and opinion. I dont know you. How could I know what you mean, if you dont write it down?


    Is it because you got so much joy out of your relationships with NPCs in games. Seems kind of unhealthy to me.


    Yeah, maybe you are right. But i dont think ist "unhealthy". When womens cry if they watching a romantic movie they arent "crazy" as nuts, its NORMAL. And yes i "cry"(not in this way, more mentally) at the ending of ME3. I dont have a problem to tell you this(even if we were face to face, im not such a internet looser). Why do i have to? Its dont embrasse me to talk about my feelings. What do i have to lose? I dont care if you said i am crazy, unhealthy or something.


    The reason why i loved the story of mass effect was because there were people i want to save. Its not like "okay its the game goal to save the world lets do this!" its more like "there people i really care about! I MUST save them!"


    And i know many people think and feel the same, minority or majority i dont care...



    kind regards,



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  2. Romance is when two people hit it off. They find each other attractive: physically, mentally, personality-wise etc. They find each other SO attractive that they decide they want to spend all of their time together and enjoy other perks of a relationship (buttsex). You can't stand to be without this person, and you'd likely be willing to throw down your own life if it meant saving theirs. That's romance.


    No, thats more the romantic and idealistic version.


    In general relationships are between people who want something they dont get without them. If it sex, love, money, celebrity or whatever.


    I dont think the most people are really into this mentally stuff. I know that because i had many relationships. Maybe this is differ from country to country, or cullture or whatever, but in reality i dont find any girl who want a relationship because of this childish romantic stuff.


    Its a shame, but real. There are many reasons out there why people do want a relationship. Maybe its not your intention and also not mine, but its not "unrealistic" to begin a rleationship only to have sex and because you find you partner attractive. Thats reality man.


    Can an AI find you physically attractive? No


    Thats not the point. I doesnt matter if the NPC find you attractive. This a game. When the author think your main character could have a relationship with this npc, so it will be. We, the developer, are the "gods" of the world(why do you think i like to create games, huh?) and we can determain you "destiny". And if "god" think you should get together with this npc its will be. But dont worry, if we were nice gods, we will let you a little choise. :D




    Will YOU want to spend all of your time with it? I certainly ****ing hope not. If yes, see a therapist.


    The times changes. Today we find relationships with AIs creepy, tomorow it will be normal. ;)


    kind regards,



  3. Like I said earlier, it doesn't matter what 200 people out of 30k want.


    Come on! I from the other side of the big ocean, and i read the same arguments over and over again. I am tired of it.


    Do you know mathematics? Do you know how polls in general works? Do you think if the gouverment publishs there statistics, they ASK all 15 millard people in the USA? No they dont!

    So, your argument is invalid...




    This is Obsidian's game, not the people's.


    I agree with you here.



    You donate they create the game they want.


    Yeah ****ing awesome if you are able to program the stuff you want to see, on you own. But the most people dont. ;)

    Thats why game developers come into play.


    They aren't obligated to put romances in based on 300 person poll.


    I dont think this either. But i think the developers will read the arguments. I hope they will publish a statment about this topic to make clear why they do want or do not want to add romance in the game. I think its important to state out it clearly.


    The poll is but good for orientation,not more, i think.


    Romances are bad in RPGs.


    Stop writing this. ITS YOUR OPINION, pal. Not a general truth. Deal with it :getlost:


    It boggles my mind that people can't see this, but my guess is they're too busy fantasizing about a sexual relationship with an inanimate object. It's weird.


    You write such a nonsense, pal, sorry...


    kind regards,



  4. But something else we should keep in mind is that neither Sawyer nor Avellone seem wild about this feature, so maybe it wouldn't be wise to force them to spend time and resources on it instead of letting them do something they wanna do.


    Thats a important point. Do you have some kind of interview about this topic?


    This not that i dont trust you, but i do like read it by my own, just to be sure ;)


    If the game designers dont like to add romances to their game, i dont want to force them. Maybe they can do it for the fans, but if they dont like it, it dont become the quality it has to have to convince the critics ;)


    kind regards,



  5. Guys:


    Its okay to have your opinion, but dont forget to ARGUE.


    In my opinion immersion is the strongest argument for romances in games.


    I dont unterstand why people only can think of "hentai dating sim" or such nonsense.


    I think people dont want a childish sex scene like DA: O. They want that the companions act like real persons. And a real person not only kill orks and wear heavy armors to kill more orks, THEIR HAVE FEELINGS.


    I do unterstand if you dont like romances, but i dont understand why you cant differ between "dating sim" and personal acting of the companions...


    kind regards,



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  6. Altough i am an a programmer i do love philosophy, politics and social themes.


    I want to see more of it in a game like Project Eternity.


    Thats on of the major points i loved in Planescape: Torment. The Quest for an old philosopher question, was really exiting. I want to see more of this!


    And i want rassism in the game, but not this "elves dont like dwarves"-nonsense please ;)



    kind regard,



  7. No they both can't be done. Who cares what the "majority" wants? This poll is meaningless because of how few votes there are and this isn't a democracy. You DONATE money to the kickstarter and they build the game they want to build. It doesn't matter what some people want. This is a RPG. Not a sex/social simulator for deviants who can't build a relationship in real life.


    Man, thats kind of rude..,.


    I dont have any problems to get a girlfriend or to have sex, but i like romances in video games, how does this work? :D

    Maybe its because: IMMERSION! Anyone?


    And besides: Obsidian ASK to discuss such themes in this forums, so this poll DO care Obsidian. That they add romance only because 337 user make their decision in this poll is another question(i dont think Obsidian will, but its only my opinion). But it is necessary for Obsidian, the backers and the development process to give feedback, ideas, and so on. If you dont want to participate: Go ahead! But dont mock us, because WE want ;)



    The guys at Obsidian have stated they don't really like romances in games and I'm confident they'll do the right thing by keeping them out of the game.


    Do you have a source? I would like to read this on my own.


    If they dont like it, why they add it to their games? :D


    kind regards,



  8. Surprised there are so many fervently against romances. I'll simply say that I much prefer the BGII style romance to saaaayyy The Witcher style romance.


    it's understandable after what we've seen from "romances" in recent RPGs.


    Thats not a point.


    Only because no one done it right until now, its isnt a reason to deny it generally...


    kind regards,



  9. Reading some of the suggestions is almost like most Obsidian fans are between 10-15...


    Full voice-acting? This is not 20mln budget game. Think. Avoid the full VO and focus on writing like you did in PS:T.

    Romances. Yeah, that figures. (or make it as subtle as humanly possible [PS:T])

    Bioware cooperation. What?

    Housing. Probably the most important part of the genre. Not.



    You are right, "this is silly".


    Its silly to think your opinion is the only one on earth ;)



    kind regards,



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  10. Yes, i want romance options, but only if they were optional.


    I hate it to be forced to a relationship i dont like. I remember final fantasy VIII. This romance was just terrible. :banghead:


    But i think romance, love, relationships and friendships are part of an adult rpg concept. In the real World, when humans have to work together or live togehter or only get to know each other it is a normal process for them to get friends, fall in love, and so on.


    BUT(there is allways a but :dancing: )


    An RPG isnt a Dating-Simulator! Dragon Age: origins was a good game, but i dont like the romances really much. But i DO like the romances of mass effect. Maybe not everything is well done, but imagine a mass effect without these depth of the characters. I dont want to play that.


    If Project Eternity will come without any romance options, it will be a good game. But for me not a awesome game.


    I like RPGs and i like rpg characters really really much, but i think its kind of absurd if 5-8 persons travels around the world all day and night, kill enemys and solve quest and all this things and they dont get a relationship of any kind.


    Love is also a part of human life as hate, sorrow, etc. pp.



    kind regards,



  11. English isn't my native language too, but i dont have problems to play english games,generaly. As long as Project E will not be have the dialogue system of Alpha Protocol, it doesnt matter for me, if the game dont will be transtlated in german.


    Also i dont know how translation QA works, but many german translations are really really bad and sucks all the way along. Also german "voice actors" suck, so i do prefer english voice actors with german subtitles.


    In Alpha Protocol this way wasnt that good anyway, but i dont think Obsidian use the same sytem for Project E. So:


    If translation, please only translate the text of the game and dont look for german voice actors. It don't worth it, believe an old 15 years experienced gaming veteran ;)


    I remeber the days i play baldurs gate 1. The german "voice actors"(amateur is the better word) were horribly bad at acting. They also add german acent to the elfs and other things that destroy the atmosphere of the game. :(





    Dont remove the housing strech goal(i love this!!!), only add a mulit-language support goal. And please only translate the text. Thank you very much :)



    kind regards,



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  12. They need immediately an payment option for international backers.


    I am from germany, and we dont have credit cards, we only have "bank cards" to do this. I hope it will be possible to pay with paypal or something like this or its impossible for fans and backers from other countrys to back you guys! ;(


    Unfourtunatly i only a little programmier, so i cant give much to you. But i think 100 $ or 140$ will be possible.


    So shut up and take my money! :dancing:


    Kind regards,



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