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  1. I admit I don't get the "was also a card" reference. Can you explain? It's likely referring to an old use of the word: Card (n) - a person regarded as odd or amusing. "He laughed: ‘You're a card, you know’"
  2. The new version is funny, I'll give it that. But, well. I suppose you already know this - but you didn't need to change anything, you know? Lots of people would have had your back on this one.
  3. Wait, that makes a lot of sense. The man could have been dead drunk. It's a possible possibility. But that would really make these 23 pages of discussion useless. Going to be honest with you, in all fairness. I don't think there's any getting away from the last 23 pages being at least a little useless.
  4. Well, there doesn't seem to be anything to differentiate here, so my guess is that X = consonant, and . = vowel. So we'd have an eight letter word, running v-c-v-c-c-v-T-c. My guess is the final combo is one of a limited number of options - most likely H, S, or another T. Of course, that's just speculation, and not much use at this point. Could it be E T E R N I T Y? That relates to the ouroboros symbol.
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