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  1. Hello, I just tried DS3 Treasures of Sun DLC and I have to say its pretty good. Too bad there r not more to play, most likely there was a plan for more judging from empty rows in the DLC list. New features like enchantments r interesting idea but it could be deeper like in Diablo 3 or Titan quest, anyway whole story and quests were having good paste and kept me interested. Also its interesting that DLC timeline is before end of the game, only if there could be more options which would carry out the decisions u made. I have to say that DS3 is only Diablo like RPG, decent to play on current cons
  2. First of all thank u for creating and developing DG3, despite its far from Diablo killer its still decent and has several advantages but some cons as well, here r my views and advices: - Keep or improve graphics towards more realistic style. Either keep the current design or to improve it to be more realistic and believable to player, dont with cartoonish graphics like Diablo3 or Torchlight. If u listen u will be unique as there r not many similar games left on the market using realistic graphics. - Try to keep scary, darker, gothic environments, there is nothing better than adrenaline
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