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  1. Something tells me, that it will be not so easy, to buy this controllers in Russia . Though there are many another controllers of suc ah price, but I still do not want to buy another gamepad for just a single badly-supported game.
  2. yes, so I had to do. Only old version is working that way... There is no strafe on kb/m controls, but it works...
  3. Me and my wife were going to play DS3 on my PC today. I have only one 360 gamepad and do not want to buy another for a single game... Results? After nearly 4 hours of my attempts to solve this puzzle I nearly cracked my own brain, and nothing more =\. So I have a question for Obsidian's team - What should I do? Is there any sense in waiting when you fix this, or should I buy another gamepad for your single game? Or maybe a new, more powerful PC for my wife? Or should I download an old (not patched with control-fixing patch) DS3 game with pirate crack?
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