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  1. So before the first update we could play the game fine using Keyboard and Mouse + Xbox 360 Controller. After we got the update this made it to where if you check gamepad support then it makes the first player use the controller and the mouse/kb doesn't do anything at all. If you leave gamepad support unchecked then I can no longer press start on the controller to join in the local game. So we decided to get another controller, now we can both join in on controllers, but can do no controller mapping whatsoever so we miss out on the in game things such as the gold quest guide path that comes up which makes the game really hard to follow quests, etc. (Also when using 2 controllers the keyboard goes inoperable.) Thus rendering us with another controller and the Treasures DLC useless. I just want to be able to enjoy the new DLC with my friend. We beat the game together and do not want to play solo. Is there any updates coming to fix this? Any suggestions? Anything at all to help..... We've tried everything.
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