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  1. That's definitely an option i'm considering. It's possible to remap keys with an external program. I've gotten no response about this issue on the steam forums either.
  2. I find it ridiculous that the patch to fix the keyboard controls would BREAK the keyboard in co-op. Shame on you, developers, shame.
  3. I am also having this issue (and joined here specifically to ask about it). Is there any way at all (AFTER the new update) to play co-op with Player 1 on Keyboard/Mouse and Player 2 on a gamepad? (I'd even take both players on 2 keyboards if that's what it takes. ) I can get nothing working - it's hugely disappointing. I was really looking forward to playing co-op with my father. I tried both proposed solutions to no avail; I unplugged the controller, loaded a game, plugged the controller in, but the game didn't see the controller; I unchecked 'Gamepad Support', loaded a game, and then hit start on my controller, but nothing happens. The game plays fine with a controller in single-player. Any help at all would be appreciated. (I am using a PS3 DualShock with MotioninJoy to emulate a 360 controller)
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