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  1. One way to learn is codeacademy.com They have free tutorials and they are step-by-step with everything from loops to OOP. Plus Ruby, Javascript, and Python are free languages, they require no money just a computer. Pure Data is another free language, used to make sound effects. It does require an intricate knowledge of how sound actually works, but the book "Designing Sound" by Andy Farnell covers it pretty well. Finally, for visual effects, the language Processing has tons and tons of tutorials, free repositories, and teaches Java-style programming. Since it's designed for artists, it's
  2. Dragon Age II was not respectable. It featured an incredibly bad plot with awful writing in the main dialogue. Your emo brother dialogue scenes? Anderson's dialogue? The lack of a viable love interest? All of it was utter garbage compared to Dragon Age I. Minus the Dwarf, there was not one memorable or likeable character introduced. Tell me which one you liked and why? Some of the best dialogue happens inbetween the scenes if you stand around and listen to them banter, but that shows the shift in development. Stick the best dialogue so it's hidden from sight? What sort of RPG is t
  3. I agree, this is a great post. The mods should sticky it.
  4. It's big in Ruby on Rails programming or other "Agile" architecture frameworks that rely upon rapid prototyping and iterative development. I hear it a lot in Python, Ruby, and Javascript environments, not so much in Java and C++ oriented environments.
  5. I can't comment on older game systems, but in modern gaming systems, dialogue is a royal pain. You have to write the lines, lip-sync the characters, give them body animations to go with it, get it into a studio, and then record the voice actors. Well, you usually have an intern test it first because what sounds great on paper can sound awful when spoken, ask any English teacher. The difficulty in dialogue vs. action is that a video game is quintessentially about game play. The medium is the message, as the saying goes. So a game that isn't fun isn't going to work no matter how great th
  6. The console market is already gone from Microsoft's own report: " Xbox console sales are down 48 percent for the quarter, according to Microsoft. So even though Xbox is leading the console market with 42 percent share, according to Microsoft's latest numbers, the video game console market overall is very soft. http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/23/you-could-have-it-all-my-empire-of-dirt/?grcc=88888Z-1ZwdgtZ0Z0Z0Z0Z0 http://parislemon.com/post/21394408259/microsofts-online-operating-loss-improvement Operating losses at 229 million dollars for the Xbox right now. Bing loses
  7. Found it interesting, the website features reviews from consumers about the games in a single-word. http://owreviews.com/ Fallout: New Vegas on PC top three words are "Fun", "Dusty", and "Deep". On PS3 it's "Glitched", "Buggy", and "Broken". I'm guessing there's a big difference between how the game runs on PC and PS3 from the look of it. Alpha Protocol gets "Potential" and "cool". ME3 earns "sh**"", "Bad", and "Meh. I'm wondering how long until publishers start using this as the new way to score bonuses?
  8. Alpha Protocol is one of my favorite games. I own it on PC, (which I bought off Steam for 3 dollars), and from Amazon, which I bought new for ten dollars. (I bought it new in the hopes that some money would flow to Obsidian.) I actually got one of the pre-order bonuses from it too. The biggest problem with the game is summed up by another game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The problem with the branching structure of AP is that it means a lot of work that wasn't true during Planescape:Torment or KoTR or Fallout I & II. When you branch now, you have to have developers re-program
  9. Kickstarter recently changed their rules which will affect how these projects are being done. Previously, they didn't require you to provide proof of tangibles, they just required some basic demonstration that you could do what you were talking about. E.g. I did a movie script: http://afcbjj.net/wordpress_hire/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/lastVice.pdf Ironically, the whole reason I wrote that script was because I wanted to get into the gaming industry and they asked if I could write. That's only a first draft version, but it was originally enough to get started with Kickstarter. They
  10. Apparently, you've never seen how many billions of dollars Microsoft will waste for no reason. BIng has been a money-suck for a decade now. Google is transitioning away from web advertising because people are now using Apps, Twitter, and Facebook for links, not search engines. So Google has been seeking new markets by making Android while Microsoft tries to jump into a dead one and didn't have a competing platform for over 3 years. On top of that, they keep going a step further and trying to buy out Yahoo for no reason except to waste an extra 15 billion. The R&D on a chip or any nex
  11. To add to this, there's another war being fought by console makers. The XBox 360 took years to develop and turn a profit. It's only been profitable in the last 3 years. Which is why both Sony and Microsoft have been queezy about releasing a next-gen console because there's this huge problem that's been killing their profits: 1.) Iphone 2.) Ipad Who plays a DS or a PS Portable, (whatever it's called), right now when you can get something far more multi-functional with easy choices to switch games? The graphics are getting insanely good on both those, attracting casual gamers who
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