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  1. Chris should stream his Let's Play (more in-depth commentary would be cool!) on Twitch and then upload it to Youtube, so it's not lost like the Icewind Dale session...
  2. I voted for the Inn, but depending on character development (i.e. player's progression), it could become just a front for some laboratory, thieves' den or just continue being a normal house, in which player could host a meeting with their acquaintances.
  3. Yep, that's the way to go - beautiful ( ) hand-drawn backgrounds and high quality models for characters, allowing the display of armor and weapons they are currently wearing, as well as a plethora of animations (even for actions such as drinking potions). On a somewhat unrelated note, I'd like if there were fewer types of armor (sets) which are more unique (not necesserily enchanted). I think it's pretty pointless to change armor every hour for something 10% better. Each set, and even individual pieces, should have their unique aspects - maybe the leather armor looted from a thug w
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