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  1. Tim Chains interview with eurogamer.net (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-09-18-project-eternity-interview-new-information-tentative-spring-2014-release-date) sounds good regarding multiplayer. So there is still hope. Damm I could even live with a separated Kick starter which is only for multiplayer, toolset and DM client.
  2. Okay financing is good question and only Obsidian can tell us at which stretch goal Multiplayer would become affordable. 3 Million is a realistic goal for kick starter. But we have to take inflation and such things in to account. So Maybe this sum will go up by 15%,20%,30%? On the other hand we have better tools and much more experience than 15+ years ago. I always had the impression that a real money sucker is the development of graphics and physics and such things. 'All things that we wont need for PE. Is developing a good network code really that hard? This was already done for a
  3. So this means they are really looking in to it. Promising. Edit: NWN is RTwP and has a very successful Multiplayer. Read the posts before telling us that we are asking for dumb things. Obsidian has experience with this kind of Multiplayer.
  4. Just look for your self what a good toolset and a thriving community has created: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=nwn2modulesenglish.list&show_days_back=10 This wouldn't have bin possible with out the multiplayer component.
  5. I strongly support Multiplayer and advice people to get away from the Idea of an MMO (MASSIVE Multilayer Online). No one wants that in this game. When we talk about multiplayer we mean one the one hand the classic coop style from BG and IWD on the other hand the NWN Mutiplayer which includes the BG and IWD style of MP even extends it. (Persistent Worlds, Battle Arenas, Coop Multiplayer, Dungeon Master support and much more - all created by the fans!) NWN Style Multiplayer only makes sense if there is a good Modding tool for creating our one content. With out Modding it would be comple
  6. no one is saying that they should do a full voice acting - and yes you are right the main character should be with out a voice. But the community could give a voice to some of the minor npc, even some spoken words outside of dialogues.
  7. For the first phase maybe even a high quality micro phone will be enough? But i'm not an expert on this field.
  8. Hello, Voice Acting is a hot topic and we all know that it is freaking expensive. Why not use the dedicated fan base to do the Voice Acting. At this moment nearly 37.000 people are supporting this project and I am sure that with in this group there are some interesting voices. The question is, how to find this voices? Let every one who like to contribute some lines for a minor NPC like a tavern wench, City Guard, Bandit, and so one. This would give us a tone of sounds that could be used to add atmosphere to the game. And then let the community search for the diamonds in all of
  9. And once there in house engine is supporting Linux they can add this feature to all future games This is an investment into the future if the want to use there engine more often.
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