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  1. Which is actually made worse by the current "treatment" so why don't you start by complaining that's the standard? Hmm. I read your link. It specifically stated that HRT and surgery does treat dysphoria, but that additional care is recommended afterwards. I can't imagine why that might be. Surely there's no connection to people willfully misgendering and the like... But thanks for misrepresenting the study! Sorry, but I'm an adult and can take a joke. Video related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knIroVvPZU4
  2. That would be great if it wasn't a fallacy of relative privation. How can we hope to stop the corruption in Washington if we can't even sort out videogames, hm?
  3. Well say goodbye to creative freedom and artistic integrity, Obsidian, because that's not going to work for you anymore. You might be able to create some great games and stories, but that doesn't matter anymore because we can always trust you to change them at the request of perpetually-offended SJWs that aren't even the audience for your games. Good to know they can remove any ~*problematic*~ content at any time. You have set a terrible precedent that is going to haunt you forever. And I find it incredibly amusing that the one that requested this change in the first place has no probl
  4. Absolutely ridiculous. In a world full of violence, racism, and general bigotry, you choose to get offended by this? Unbelievable. SJWs are not your audience, so why pander to them? Getting offended by something does not grant you any rights at all, much less to browbeat a studio into removing the offending thing in question (e.g. Lionhead Studios, yesterday). Normal people are able to brush off things like this and not let it ruin their day. If Obsidian chooses to remove this memorial, they will be cheating a backer out the reward that they paid for and whatever claims of celebrat
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